Tish Holt, Austin, TX

Tish Holt, Austin, TX


I love words. Curated and penned for remembrance, words that can create an impact on the heart. Photos can also be like words, visual narratives that speak your language. That is why I like to say, make it meaningful.

Why? Because a word well spoken, a word well written, a picture that speaks a thousand what matters. Blending this kind of tradition and beauty with a modern twist is what I am passionate about.

Latisha's offers services in the areas of  lifestyle photography, hand lettering, and typography. I help business owners, families, friends and those want to capture an event with words and images. Compelling people to savor the moment in a meaningful way is what I do best.

I am married and live with my husband and life companion in Austin, Tx.

Pricing and Services Offered

2019 Rates for Lifestyle Photography, Calligraphy, and Typography are made available upon request. Contact me at:


If you are interested in getting a sample of calligraphic styles feel free to email me your postal address and I’ll send you a postcard.

For calligraphy interests, I offer a sampler pack of 4 envelopes for $30.00. Usually this is a series of envelopes with different and unique layouts for brides to consider. I try to create something that will compliment a suite of pre-designed paper goods.

Additional samples: $6.00 each.


I am happy to help make recommendations about where to find interesting designs and quality paper for your project or event.

It is the client’s job to purchase and supply the paper, invitations or other materials. Please send me a sample sheet to test before we sign a contract, or before you go out and buy it bulk. Not all paper is suitable for pointed pen calligraphy.

After I test it and let you know if the paper will work, be sure to order 20% extra of all your paper goods (envelopes, escort cards, etc.)

This allows for errors on my part, additions to your list or last minute changes on your part. It will save you from paying rush fees for shipping or ordering more paper right before a big event!

I do return any unused paper and left over materials to my clients.